Hi, my name is Ewen

HR Consultant & Specialist


Hello!, My name is Ewen Nendi. You can just call me Ewen...

Way before my Masters & Doctoral degrees, I graduated in Economic & Management during the 1990’s recession. As a fresh graduate with zero working experience and little HR knowledge, you can imagine how hard it is to find a job.
After many interviews, one local manufacturing firm took a gamble with me and provided me an opportunity to work as a Personnel officer. In all honesty, I had no clue on what I supposed to do, I just need a job to earn a living!

With some guidance from colleagues, things began to work out well for me. After just six months, I was promoted as Personnel Manager, not so much for my HR skills, I guess but rather my dedication and enthusiasm.
Like most businesses at that time, the company was in financial difficulties. That made my job even more challenging, with high attrition rates, multiple grievances, limited HR tools and zero fund for development, to name a few.

Looking back, it was in fact an excellent training ground for me. From that point onwards and now 30 years later, while the people business has evolved so much, my passion for HR never ceases.
For new HR practitioners, either joining HR by default or by design, if you love to facilitate others to excel, ready to lend your shoulder for someone to cry on, and eager to solve new and complex problems, you have joined the right department. Don’t worry about things that you don’t know yet, take learning as a journey and aspire to be a specialist.

If you wish to learn from my experiences, please subscribe to my channel. I will share multiple stages of talent management design specifically for newcomers or someone who wish to sharpen their saw in HR skills from different perspectives. You can avoid committing the same mistakes I made.


With my rich work experiences. I am well equipped and skillful with the following attributes.

Organizational design


HR analytic


Leadership imperative


Discipline management


HR coaching


Engagement management


Stress management


HR & EICC audit


Reward & recognition


Performance management

MY Experience
CEO & Founder

I strongly believe that the business, customer and financial acumen that I have gained trough the years will be beneficial to HR practitioners and businesses alike especially in the SME sectors. These time-tested methods will put your available resources to better use.

Consultancy Agencies
HR Consultant

Twenty-six years in the human capital industry has given me the much-needed HR acumen from day-to-day work to more strategic functions such as merger & acquisition, HR Specialist to HR Generalist, talent acquisition and retention, change management, organizational restructuring to HR systems, analytic and AI. HRM has indeed evolved through the years.

Smart Modular
HR Director

I spend another 6 exciting years with SMART Modular, another great MNC that offered me the opportunity to apply the different managerial skill sets that I have accumulated through the years. It is during my tenure with SMART that I also had the opportunity to pursue my long-term desire and goal. I completed my Doctorate in Business Administration. I also acquired the skill of juggling

Dell Computers
HR Director

Working in Dell is perhaps the most rewarding time for me not only from career development but learning opportunities. A place where I could learn from different gurus at their prime, worked with different great leaders from different cultures, believe systems and leadership styles.

Quantum Storage - Iomega
HR Manager

As new manager in my first MNC experience, I had the opportunity to spend the next 5 years mastering different HR core functions, from talent acquisition, learning & development, employee-industrial relations, and compensation & benefits. I believe it is here that I graduated as a HR professional.

Perai Malaysia
HR Manager

After graduating in economics from the University Science Malaysia, I entered the labor force as a junior HR officer with little knowledge of HRM. With hands-on dealings daily in all faucets of Human Resources, little did I realize that this role would define my career path for many years to come. Each day presented new challenges, new learnings, complex problems solving opportunities, and helping fellow colleagues thrive in their careers gave me much career satisfaction, myself. Never a dull moment.

My Services

HR Coaching

Jump-start your HR experience covering strategic and tactical human resource management

Certification Program

Offer “Performance Reward and Development” IR4.0 performance management system, reward & recognition system and quantum learning.

Hi3 System Solutions

Full & Complete Corporate System Solutions including :
  • Performance Management System,
  • Rewards & Recognition System,
  • Quantum Learning System,
  • Manufacturing Resources Planner,
  • Audit & Risks Management System &
  • Organization Survey Tool

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